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In addition to the reverse function for cooling and cleaning, this fan series offers a variable blade angle adjustment - according to the cooling required by the machine, without engaging in the engine electronics. The benefit: Further fuel saving and a reduction of the drive power of the fan by up to 60%.

The controls are completely reliable: CLEANFIX thermal actuators.

Thermal actuators for the adjustment of the blade angles are made of components filled with wax that have been proven in millions of thermostats.
The wax expands within a fixed temperature range, thereby moving a small piston, which changes the angle of the blades from flat to steep. Since all blades are connected via a piston inside the hub, their synchronous movement is ensured. This gives the system the highest possible level of safety.

Flat fanblade angle

Flat fan blade angle

Step fan blade angle

Steep fan blade angle


An additional bonus: Less consumption.

The power consumption of a fan depends on the angle of its blades. Since the Cleanfix VP automatically adjusts its blades, it also regulates its power consumption, depending on cooling requirements. Up to 60% of power can be saved with a flat blade angle.

Cleanfix VP Eco
Cleanfix VP Power

The CLEANFIX VP can also be retrofitted with an adapter flange. Individual solutions are possible through CLEANFIX.

CLEANFIX optional tips

Optional: CLEANFIX Flex-Tips.

The elastic CLEANFIX Flex-Tips on the blade-tips increase the flow of the CLEANFIX SC by 8-15%, and can also reduce the fan speed and therefore additionally save fuel.

Learn more about CLEANFIX here.


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