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Willibald Recycling Technology


Shredders have a long tradition at Willibald. As a specialist for these mobile machines, we can offer you the best customized systems for different requirements. Our core business are the big fast-running shredder series such as Shark EP5500.

Some technical refinements of all heavy machinery (EP/MZA/SR)

concerning transport:

  • chassis with 80 km/h road license – ABS standard

  • compact in transporting position: less than 10m overall!


concerning the material loading :

  • long infeed hopper

  • low and clear material infeed height

  • sturdy and low maintenance endless floor

  • agressive infeed roller; can be lifted hydraulically with 90 cm opening 

  • internal planetary gear box


concerning shredding process :

  • mechanical rotor drive through short 8-fold power belt

  • distance variation between rakes and rotor – indication on the display (0 to 100%)

  • finally grain size can be changed hydraulically

  • hydraulical adjustable cutting up basket  – indication on the display (0 to 100%)

  • basket devided in two parts – quickly changeable


concerning material discharge :

  • Throughputs through rubber conveyor belt – foldable hydraulically for transport-; working and maintenance position : unique maintenance position phenomenal accessibility


dropping height 3,8 Meter or 4,5 Meter ( by 4,5 Meter version is the direct loading of lorries possible )

  • enormous maintainability by unique accessibility

  • Load   Sensing pump – Bosch Rexroth   Hydraulic system

  • direct hydraulic pump drive from the motor

  • modern control box / optional: remote control

  • two different engine speeds

  • proportional controlled infeed roller / endless floor (load depended (AIC))

  • fault code reeding from control box and motor possible – purpose: Quick fault detection

  • Readout of diesel consumption ( average per operated hour)

  • diesel hydraulic drive – 480 o. 520 HP MAN-Engine – level 3b – reliable and good service network

  • just one cooler (side by side) with reversible fan (optional )


In both the preparation of biomass and the composting process, the latest Willibald series delivers results that until now were thought to have been unattainable. Many different materials can be processed exactly as required, thanks to the unique shredding systems of the EP series. In both their main area of use (namely composting) and the increasingly important biomass application, the Sharks have also become successfully established in the field of biogas substrate treatment. Furthermore, the "Willibald Sharks" are also used successfully for bark and peat processing, as well as for making wood chips from left-over and old wood materials (e.g. pallets) for use in thermal recycling. Choosing the type of Shark to suit your needs will perfect the shredding result in line with your individual material requirements. Five customized variants are available:

Download the product brochure

EP550 Shark



The low-cost introduction to the world of Willibald shredders for smaller throughput volumes.

Success breeds success: The former entry-level model series Minimax 2000 was now been combined with the components of the extremely successful EP 5500 Shark series. The result is the new MINISHARK 3000. The "little shark" is now the entry-level model for the "Willibald world of shredders" and promises optimum results at a lower cost.

Download the product brochure

MS3000 Minishark

UZ 80

UZ 80 – biomaster– Electrical stationary shredder

The space-saving, stationary, universal shredder UZ 80 crushs many different organic raw materials as well as all compost and smaller timber materials in no time. The main areas of application of the robust WILLIBALD electric shredder are primarily customers in the fields of composting plants, humus factories or bio-gas plants.

Its strength lies in uninterrupted, automated and continuous use. Combined with additional conveyor belts the whole process, including the infeed and discharge, runs by itself.

Download the product brochure


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UZ 80
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