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Get in touch with us to sort out your clean cabin air needs today!


Clean air is critical for peoples health, especially in workplaces in polluted environments. A BMAir pressurised filter
system cleans the air entering the control cabin and thus ensures optimal protection for the occupants.


the system offers stae of the art monitoring and warning signals. Optionally, the control unit can log all recorded cab
data so that you can control the work environment and can respond adequately to any exposure to toxic substances.


Operation of the BMAir pressurised filter system

  • The BMAir pressurised filter system is mounted on the roof of the cabin or on the deck of the machine.

  • The polluted air is sucked in through the inlet of the system.

  • The coarse dust particles are first filtered out, followed by fine dust using a HEPA filter.

  • Gases and vapors are then removed by the active carbon filters.

  • The blower drives the filtered breathing air into the cabin.

  • The monitoring system checks, the cabin overpressure, the lifespan ofthe filters and optionally the air quality by means of additional sensor (s).

  • Excess air exits the cab through any remaining seams and cracks.

  • A green light on the roof is optional and indicates that the system is fully functional.


BMAir has a wide range of pressurised filter systems. Each BMAir system can be equipped with a filter package tailored to
your specific working environment. In combination with our control systems, there is a solution for every workplace. Our
experts have extensive knowledge of which system best suits your work environment and can advise you in combining the
system with the appropriate control system and filter package.

Nowadays, construction machines are more streamlined and have limited space for the installation of a pressurised filter  System. The BMAir MAO-2 was introduced for this purpose. Smaller, powerful, mountable in various positions and suitable for
practically every construction machine.

• Weight: 35 kg without filters
• Dimensions: 626 x 355 x 384 mm (L x W x H)
• Filter capacity : 23 litres
• Material: Stainless steel

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