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The CLEANFIX Pulstronic/Hytronic System is connected to the motor control/vehicle control. The blade angle is continuously monitored by an integrated sensor on the fan and communicated to the control unit. The blade angle is adjusted to the cooling requirement by the control unit. The Pulstronic/Hytronic systems are only available as factory fitted OEM options.

The range of the blade pitch is between 7° and 40°.

Cleanfix eco fan
Cleanfix fan power

Special feature:

  • Integrated vehicle closed loop control

  • Exact blade angle feed-back

  • Wide blade angle range

An additional bonus: Less consumption

The power consumption of a fan depends on the angle of its blades. Since the Cleanfix PT/HT automatically adjusts its blades, it also regulates its power consumption, depending on cooling requirements. Up to 80% of power can be saved with a flat blade angle.

Cleanfix Pneumatic actuation


Pneumatic actuation

Cleanfix Hydraulic actuation


Hydraulic actuation with patented Cleanfix Smart Seal System

CLEANFIX optional tips

Optional: CLEANFIX Flex-Tips.

The elastic CLEANFIX Flex-Tips on the blade-tips increase the flow of the CLEANFIX SC by 8-15%, and can also reduce the fan speed and therefore additionally save fuel.

Learn more about CLEANFIX here.


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