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CLEANFIX SF - Seasonal Reversing Fan

Cleanfix Seasonal Reversing Fans offer an effective way of changing the airflow direction of your equipment for the winter months. If you have an older style fan, where you manually turn each blade for seasonal airflow changes or in which you need to change the fan from a pusher to a puller fan, the Cleanfix fan offers a simple and easy design to change the airflow direction. 

Cleanfix summer season

Summer season

Cleanfix winter season

Winter season

To change the Cleanfix fan from a pusher type to a puller type fan, you simply turn two opposite fan blades and all the remaining blades will follow. No need for time consuming work in which you require tools and penetrating sprays to loosen blades or to change fans.

Cleanfix puller fan type
Cleanfix fan blades

One of the bigger problems with operating in winter months is the possibility of overcooling your engine. When diesel engines run below recommended operating temperatures, there is a high possibility of combustion contaminants to enter the engine crankcase which can contaminate the engine oil resulting in piston ring and valve guide wear. This leads to lower than expected engine life and higher than expected repair costs.

An additional advantage, that no other seasonal fan offers, is our VP (variable pitch) fan which is very effective in cold climate working conditions. When the Cleanfix fan blades are in the puller type position, the Cleanfix patented thermal control elements will reduce the blade pitch angle in cold conditions and increase the blade pitch angle as the air flowing through radiator/cooling package increases. As the air temperature that is flowing through the radiator/cooling package remains below 140°F (60°C), the blade pitch will stay at its minimum angle. As the air temperature that flows through the radiator/cooling package increases above 140°F (60°C), the blade pitch will begin to increase. This is all performed without the need of complicated electronics and wiring harnesses or even hydraulic/air control systems. If you have overcooling problems in the winter months, Cleanfix has a simple and effective way to resolve your winter blues.

Cleanfix SF
Cleanfix SF

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