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AgriTotal  is the exclusive distributor for Cleanfix reversible fans in New Zealand.

Cleanfix products are available through AgriTotal and our dealership network.

CLEANFIX reversible fans are commonly used around the world and here in New Zealand.


CLEANFIX reversible fans are used in agricultural, construction, municipal, forestry and recycling machines such as tractors, handlers, excavators, wheel loaders, harvesters, combines, sprayers, dozers, skid steers, and a variety of other industrial equipment.


CLEANFIX equipped machines are valued for their maintenance free, automatic radiator cleaning and significant fuel savings. CLEANFIX variable pitch fan also contribute to optimal cooling and extended vehicle lives. The quality and performance of CLEANFIX reversing fans are confirmed by well know manufactures such as JOHN DEERE,MASSEY FERGUSON, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, CLAAS, KUBOTA, KRONE, MERCEDES BENZ, BOMAG FAYAT GROUP, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, SUMITOMO, DOOSAN, CASE CONSTRUCTION, MANITOU, HAGIE, OXBO, ETC.

These manufactures incorporate CLEANFIX fans as standard factory installations or optional equipment.

CLEANFIX is revolutionizing engine-cooling systems. Their multi-patented reversing fan solutions clean radiators, contribute to optimal cooling and extend the lives of machines in high-dust environments. CLEANFIX enables for less downtime, significant fuel savings and increased efficiency of an operation.

AgriTotal offers CLEANFIX reversible fans for most mobile vehicles that can be exposed to dusty or contaminated conditions.
The blow function reliably frees the cooling packages of grass, crop residue, leaves, wood chips, sawdust, humus, earth and lime. They even remove an ice pack from the grill. Also, the innovative fans help to prevent problems associated with overheating and engine inefficiencies. 

CLEANFIX has three global engineering and manufacturing sites and serves customers in more than 25 countries.

Efficient Radiator Cleaning Solution

A clean radiator saves fuel, time, and protects from overheating.

More and more radiators and coolers are being installed in modern industrial machinery. The problem: Your fans are in tough continuous use. Like vacuum cleaners, the fans quickly plug the coolers and grill screens. This results in additional costs of several thousand dollars per year through increased fuel consumption and downtime.

The solution: Our innovative reversible fans reverse the airflow to powerfully clean out radiators and screens at the operator’s convenience. CLEANFIX increases the reliability, productivity, and fuel efficiency of your machine. CLEANFIX is the only fan which provides a high pressure, high cleaning power reverse airflow.

What this means to you: Using CLEANFIX ensures a relaxed and comfortable work environment. You will never need to exit the cab to clean a radiator or be inconvenienced by reduced air-conditioning performance.

A variety of solutions to meet your specific needs

All of our products are carefully engineered for today’s tough working conditions. Please click on the links below to learn more about our unique cooling and cleaning solutions.


    Automatic radiator cleaning means no more stopping work due to blocked radiators. The unique way the Cleanfix fan blades reverse means only Cleanfix can give maximum radiator cleaning performance. Cleaning all the way through even multi-layered cooling packs. Engine coolant, hydraulic oil and even air conditioning condensers all benefit from regular cleaning keeping your machines working harder for longer.
    Reducing engine and hydraulic overheating issues leads to increased component life and fewer breakdowns. The precise airflow produced by Cleanfix Thermo-Control fans maintains optimum operating temperatures for reduced strain on the engine and hydraulic components. Cleaner air conditioning condensers maximise HVAC efficiency and reduce the load on the cab HVAC system resulting in reduced maintenance requirements.
    Manual radiator cleaning is dirty work and potentially harmful to human health. Removing this task keeps the machine operator in the safe, clean environment of the cab. Improved air conditioning efficiency keeps them cooler and more comfortable too. Machines working in composting, waste recycling and demolition environments can have radiators clogged with material containing asbestos, bacteria spores or other hazardous materials. These are released in higher concentrations when the radiators are cleaned out manually presenting an even higher risk to the operative.
    When radiators are kept clean they are much more efficient. This allows the Thermo-Control Cleanfix variable pitch reversing fan to run at lower blade angles consuming less fuel. By automating the cleaning process radiator efficiency is continually maintained maximising the fuel-saving effect. Traditional viscous clutch fans deal with clogged radiators by increasing their speed in order to maintain the required airflow. This dramatically increases the power draw of the fan as well as increasing the amount of debris drawn into the radiator!
    Diesel engine cooling fans can consume Huge amounts of horsepower generating the high airflows required in modern machines cooling packs. Being able to precisely control the pitch of the fan blades and automatically keep radiators clean makes the Cleanfix reversible fan incredibly efficient. This minimises the power consumption of the fan. Reduced cooling fan power leaves more useful engine power output increasing productivity.

Cleanfix has been an 'approved allied supplier' for John Deere since 2016

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Reversible Fans For Radiator Cleaning

Clean radiators. Save fuel.

Cleanfix in agriculture: DEUTZ-FAHR 7250 TTV Warrior tractor.

CASE JX 95 equipped with CLEANFIX reversible fan.

CASE STX Steiger 435 equipped with CLEANFIX reversible fan.

CASE IH 7120 epuipped with Cleanfix reversible fan.

For more information about products, accessories or prices, please contact us.

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