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Keeps hydraulic systems dry, even in the event of leaks!

In agricultural machines, numerous functions are performed hydraulically. High-performance seals make these technologies reliable.

It’s troublesome when hydraulic oil needs to be fed to any sort of rotary actuators. Agricultural machines commonly contain variators, for things like adjusting speed (threshing drum, reel, blower for cleaning the grain, cooling fans).

These actuators always need a rotary union, which feeds the oil through the rotating component (variator disc or fan hub) to a linear cylinder. The seals of these rotary union require a minimal amount of leakage for their own lubrication, which is described as the “sweating” of these components. As the number of operating hours increases and especially when the hydraulic oil is dirty, the sweating becomes a leak. A couple of drops of oil are not the actual problem and according to a DIN standard, this should be expected by the customer.

However, if these drops end up in the wrong place and, for instance, come into contact with the variator belt, or are blown by the cooling fan onto the engine and turbocharger, or enter the radiator core when the fan is switched over, the consequential costs are tremendous and outages at the wrong time are inevitable. Such potential fire risks are also a thorn in the side for the insurance industry.

The goal of the Clean Genius innovation technology is to drain away all oil leaked from these actuators in a controlled manner, either back to the oil reservoir or, even better, to a small transparent leakage monitoring container. In this way, the condition of the seals can be observed at any time via the amount of leakage in a given period. Replacement of the seals can thus also be scheduled and postponed to off-peak times. Because a dual seal system is always necessary for this technical solution, this alone increases the service life accordingly.

The most important benefit, however, is that costs due to consequential damage and outages can be avoided. Order your Clean Genius today through Agritotal, New Zealand.

Cleanfix Pneumatic actuation

Clean Genius

Oil leaked from the rotary union as well as from the related work cylinders and possibly also from auxiliary seals (O-rings as shown) is drained away via a second thin line.

Cleanfix Hydraulic actuation

Variator with Clean Genius

Customer benefits:

  • Component service life is extended

  • Costs due to machine outages are eliminated 

  • Consequential damage is avoided 

    • No damage to plastic and rubber parts

    • No slipping of the variator drive belt

  • Service can be scheduled 

    • Thanks to simple visual check of the leakage monitoring container

  • Machines remain clean 

    • Dust particles do not gum up the radiator fins

  • Fire risk is reduced

  • Insurance costs remain calculable

  • Environment is protected

CLEANFIX optional tips

Joint development:


The leakage return line was developed based on a development order from John Deere. It is designed for use with the belt variator of a cooling fan. Market launch is planned for this autumn. An application for utility model registration has been filed for the leakage return line.

Learn more about CLEANFIX here.


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