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TRILO machines for professionals in public area, professionals in public area, large green area, golf course, and airport maintenance

AgriTotal is New Zealand’s exclusive importer of TRILO groundskeeping machines and accessories.

Vanmac BV develops and produces their own vacuum sweepers, leaf blower and verticutters, which are sold under the brand name TRILO. With modern 3D CAD drawing programs they design new machines and improve existing lines. The TRILO machines are built, painted and assembled in the Vanmac BV factory in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, according to the latest production methods.

TRILO is the leading brand of parent company Vanmac BV and her biggest pride. TRILO provides solutions for daily, time consuming jobs, such as grass cutting, collecting grass, leaves and debris and removing them from the work site. TRILO machines are especially designed for professionals in public area maintenance, large green area maintenance, golf course maintenance, airport maintenance, etc. Vanmac BV also offers machines for the turf industry.

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