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AgriTotal  is the exclusive distributor for Cleanfix reversible fans in New Zealand.

Cleanfix products are available through AgriTotal and our dealership network.

CLEANFIX reversible fans are commonly used around the world and here in New Zealand.



Cleanfix has been an 'approved allied supplier' for John Deere since 2016

The Cleanfix reversible fan is now released as allied equipment for the 6110R-6250R (up to MY21) and 6110M-6195M (up to MY19) Tractors, improving comfort in dust-intense applications like mowing, front loader work or grain carting behind a combine.



Customer benefits

With Cleanfix, there are a variety of advantages:

  • Cleaning the radiator only by pressing a button, without leaving the cab

  • Optimum, efficient, and adapted cooling for dust-intense applications

  • One-year warranty through the John Deere dealer

  • John Deere approved quality



The thermally controlled wing adjustment adapts to the required cooling performance by changing the angle of the wings accordingly. While working and also at full speed, the Cleanfix reversible fan will move into cleaning position by simply pressing the button in the cab. With the cleaning mode, a high-cleaning air flow and cleaning pressure is guaranteed. 


The Cleanfix reversible fan is available for 6110R-6250R (up to MY21) and 6110M-6195M (up to MY19). Please contact us for further information, parts, and mounting instructions. 

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