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VERVAET hydro trike XL

Extra extendable axle: more power, more output

Because of the on-going increase of scale and therefor the desire for more capacity, we developed the Hydro Trike XL. The tank of this version has a capacity of 20,5 m³, which is also ideal to empty a 36 m³ truck in 2 times.

The otherwise optional Borger 1550 (9m³) pump is standard on the XL Trike. Of course only 3 wheels was no longer feasible The solution was quickly found with an extra axle.

Why choose the Hydro Trike XL?
1 time over the soil

Despite the fact that Hydro Trike XL has 5 wheels, the one wheel principle is preserved. This is the result of a piece of high-quality technique in the form of an extendable axle in the middle.


More content in the slurry tank, bigger pumps, more wheels, more everything! Result: largest performance!


The economic sustainability of the Hydro Trike is of unprecedented proportions. Maintenance costs are, by more than 20 years development, reduced to a minimum. That results in a residual value unmatched by none. The characteristics to be in economically sustainable business with your machine.




XL Drive
Simple, but high-tech just the same

As simple as it all seems, as modern and high tech it really is. It begins with the DAF Paccar engine which already produces a sturdy 465 HP at only 1400RPM. In good conditions, the maximum power is not needed so the machine can be operated at an even lower speed of 1250 RPM.

The front wheel is hydraulically steered and driven, equipped with a disc brake. The rear axle is a combination of a mechanical transmission with 2 speeds, which is driven by an infinite adjustable hydro motor. The oil flow of the 2 pumps is divided to the front and rear wheels, so it is always running at the right speed. The amount of traction on the front or rear is easily adjusted with a button on the drive handle power is not needed so the machine can be operated at an even lower speed of 1250 RPM.

One adjustable pump drives the slurry pump. Two adjustable Sauer Danfoss pumps provide the traction drive. The fourth pump is adjustable for the cutting unit.

XL Slurry
Slurry Cycle

The cyclone slurry cutter is positioned behind the slurry pump. This setup is chosen to reduce the resistance to in the suction side of the slurry pump. That is why the tank can be filled quickly.


While emptying the tank, the slurry pump keeps running. On the headland the cutting unit switches from injecting to flushing. This concept ensures that the cutter is always cleaned during flushing. Time-consuming blockages are prevented.

When switching back to injecting, there is pressure instantly in the elements of the slurry injector.

In one sentence: With the hydro trike, it’s all about output.

XL Tri Control

With the multifunctional full-color touch screen (26.5 cm), the driver has all necessary information in the main Menu within a blink of an eye.

  • Speed

  • Set cubic meters

  • Actual cubic meters

  • Tank

  • Tire Pressure

  • Slurry pump speed

  • Hyd. Pressure slurry pump

  • Hyd. Pressure pump drive system

  • Hyd. Press cutter

  • Set front and rear traction

  • Capacity in cubic meters / hour

  • Engine temperature

  • Engine rpm

  • Fuel consumption

  • Fuel tank

  • Time

XL Features

Differences with standard hydro trike

  • Powerful motor 465 hp

  • 3rd axis - Stronger pumps

  • Central lubrication

  • 9000 liters slurry pump

  • Bigger tank 19 cubic meters

  • Longer chassis (+40 cm)

  • 1 wheel rail principle retain

One Time Over Soil

Despite the extra axle, we still maintained to hold on to the “one wheel per track” concept, which is an absolute must for the best quality of work in the field. There are many extra grease nipples on the axle, which is why we installed an automatic central lubrication system on the Hydro Trike XL.

The optional Börger 1550 pump comes as a standard feature on the Hydro Trike XL. This will fill the 19 cubic meter tank within three minutes.

Again, the Hydro Trike XL is purely built for high output and low maintenance.

1 Time Over Soil
Extra Extendable Axle

The extra wheels are steering along with the front wheel, both in a retracted and extended situation, so the grass is will not be damaged.

The load on the axle is controlled by a potentio meter that senses the contains of the slurry tank. Fully loaded, it carries up to 7800 kg.


As the tank empties, the load on the axle is reduced automatically, to prevent spinning on the driven wheels.


For transport by road, the axle can be retracted, so it isn’t any wider then a standard trike. The hydraulic suspension of the extra axle greatly improves the comfort, as well on the road as in the field.


Also on steep slopes the axle gives more stability , the tires size is: 750-50 R26: height 1.47m

Extra Extendable Axle

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