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BigSlab 3040

The Big-Slab®3040 is ideal for medium and large projects, such as parks and soccer fields. This machine is fast and efficient at cutting and harvesting turf with minimal physical effort.

The BigSlab®3040 is designed explicitly to market turf for medium and large projects, such as parks and soccer fields. This machine is ideal for marketing your high-quality turf and has a capacity of 1800m2 per hour is achieved. Enjoy the excellent speed, efficiency in cutting, transporting, and placing the turf with minimum effort with this sod harvester.

A distinctive feature of this machine is that it does not roll the turf but folds and stacks it. In this way, a higher transport efficiency can be achieved while there is no need for a second operator on the machine. The thickness of the turf is automatically measured and adjusted by a self-developed computer system with multiple sensors and actuators. These features make the folded turf ideal for sports field repair and installation.

Advantages BigSlab®3040

  • Great for medium-sized projects, such as parks and soccer fields

  • 80% fewer grass seams

  • Higher transport efficiency

  • Time-saving through wide working width and length

  • Due to the slabs, projects can be quickly completed

Experiences of our turf growers

The BigSlab®3040 is already widely used by turf growers whose turf will eventually end up on sports fields or a variety of other projects. Our turf growers’ satisfaction is paramount, and with this machine, we can provide you with the ideal way of harvesting turf for sports fields or medium-and large-sized projects. The higher transport efficiency and the user-friendliness are experienced as very positive by our turf growers. An advantage of this machine is that there will be 80% fewer grass seams on the field, a fact that you will experience. By maintaining close customer contact and always working side by side with them, we make your life easier.


Cutting width

40 inch (1m)

Cutting length

Up to 60m


Up to 1800 m2 per hour

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