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MowTick R5582

Rotary Mower

The MowTick® R5582 is an easy to maintain all-round mower with five cutting decks, each with five blades. The MowTick has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of turf farmers. The machine allows TurfFarmers to mow their turf with great a high speed of 10 km/h. The high power of the machine prevents the build up of heaps of cuttings, and thereby safeguards the high quality of your turf.


The MowTick® R5582 can be controlled from the tractor. One of the unique features of the MowTick® R5582is that in the transporting position the MowTick® Rotary not only folds upwards but backwards as well. This results in a low transporting height making it easy to move around.


The MowTick® R5582 has a cutting width of 8.20 meters and because the decks are placed at an angle behind each other, the range of 8.20 is optimized. 


Transport mode

  • Hight: 3.23m

  • Width: 2.95m

  • Length: 6.20m


  • The low transport height ensures easy transport

  • High power and high speed of mowing

  • Compact design

  • Easy maintenance and user-friendly


Cutting width

8.25 meters

Power requirements

Approx. 60 kw and single hydraulic connection


8.3 hectares per hour at a speed of 10 kilometer per hour

Number of mowing decks


Number of blades per mowing deck


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