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Available Parts

John Deere


6020 SERIES 4 cylinder


o Linkage 32 SLF 6020-6420 (***)
o Linkage 40 SLF 6020-6420 (***)
o PTO 6020-6420 for tractor with 1x M20 bolt in crankshaft pulley , If 4x M10 also order 1303006A (i=2,18:1) ( * ) (****)
o Weight carrier 6000-series
o Front double acting service lines 6020-series
o Front remote control (New) only for tractors with CAN bus controlled electronic valves (Premium Plus)
o EFC Mobile (only for tractors with electronic valves and canbus)
o Option pressure release (EFC PRO Mobile), for linkage ? 40 kN, only in combination with EFC Mobile
o Option pressure load (EFC PRO Mobile PLUS), for linkage ? 40 kN, only in combination with EFC Mobile + EFC PRO Mobile
o Rotary control option for EFC
o Chain support set
o Chain support for SLF linkage 32 kN
o Optional oilcooler set for PTO
( * ) Caution; when the tractor is a S or SE version, also order exchangekit 1002221
(**) Chain support set, for topplate version, Universal
(***) only compatible with PTO in PY and PX model
(****) only compatible with SLF linkage
Other PTO's are available on request after mentioning the machine nr of the linkage

If Interested, Contact us at:

​Tel. +64 3 208 8059

Cell. 027 711 7270

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