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Available Parts

John Deere


5 R(N)-SERIES (with Tier 3 engine) (Cat II couplers)


o Linkage 28 SLF 5080R(N)-5090R(N)-5100R(N) not compatible with PF3 PTO *
o Linkage 28 5080R(N)-5090R(N)-5100R(N) compatible with PF3 PTO
o PTO 5080R(N)-5090R(N)-5100R(N)
o PTO 5080R(N)-5090R(N)-5100R(N) (*540 rpm CW)
o Weight carrier 5000 R(N)-series
o Front double acting service lines 5000 R(N)-series
o Chain support
o Chain support for SLF linkage
* When ordering Municipal frame please order connection kit for SLF 32 kN linkage

If Interested, Contact us at:

​Tel. +64 3 208 8059

Cell. 027 711 7270

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