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Front PTO Systems

The Zuidberg front PTO meets the strictest engineering standard.

AgriTotal is New Zealand’s importer of Zuidberg Front-PTO systems. Zuidberg PTO Systems provide power delivery to the highest technical standards. The PTO features an internal oil immersed multi-plate clutch. Engagement of the clutch is controlled by a proportional and adjustable engagement system. This guarantees a smooth uptake of power to the front mounted implements. When disengaged the PTO is braked but to help connection of machines the PTO output shaft features the ECON connection system. ECON allows the user to manually turn the output shaft through 60 degrees when linking up a machine.

Each tractor brand has unique front PTO specs and Zuidberg cater to most, plus offer custom builds. Their range is extensive with various speed switch ECO PTOs, and cater to both left and right direction of rotation versions. The PTO has its own integrated oil system requiring no external oil supply from the tractor. Fitting times of the PTOs are reduced and reliability is increased with this system. For almost every type of tractor there is a Zuidberg Front PTO available. Zuidberg provide the broadest range of Front PTO's available. For higher power delivery applications, the Zuidberg PTO is supplied with an oil cooler.

The oil cooler allows the gearbox to maintain correct operating temperatures even in extreme operating conditions. The PTO output shaft is braked when disengaged eliminating shaft drag in cold conditions.

Due to the customized design of the Front PTO systems each input drive shaft is designed with service in mind. Using different driveshaft combinations, replacement of items such as V belts is made easier.

Save up to 20% on fuel with the ECO-Twin front PTO
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