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artificial turf CLEANER sku

AgriTotal import Horger Maschinen artificial turf cleaners to New Zealand.

Flow Filled artificial turf is influenced by the environment from the first day on. Dust, pollen, plant particles and abrasion material are washed by rain into the fine cavities of the filling. The result is a total hardened surface without water permeability. The covering infiltrated with particles of humus causes the ideal breeding ground for algae and moss. An artificial turf that is dirty, no longer meet the purpose it was designed for. The risk of slipping becomes extreme and the potential of injury or accident high. Only with consistent maintenance and care can a filled artificial turf maintain its quality and be used effectively for many years.

For effective care it is necessary to pick up the filling material off the turf pile in regular intervals. Coarse soiling’s are to be sieved and fine dust filtered. The bent turf fibres shall be reset upright and the filling material brought back to the turf fibres for stabilization. The surface will display an even level after treatment.

To be able to work reliably and inexpensively Horger developed their artificial turf cleaner SKU as an assembling unit for compact tractors. There are three different processes that can be done with this machine due to its big brush diameter of 500 mm.

1. Maintenance cleaning:
Depending on weather every two to four weeks. Coarse soiling and accumulated dust as well as abrasion is removed.

2. Intensive cleaning with loosening:
About every 3 months. Coarse soiling is removed, fine particles like dust, plant rests and abrasion is filtered, filling is loosened, elasticity and drainage effect is maintained.

3. Reactivation of a surface untreated for several years:
The hardenings are broken up, most of the filling is taken up, loosened, led back and extensively brought back into the turf pile. Coarse soiling is removed, fine particles, responsible for hardenings, are filtered. The hardened filling is loosened, the artificial turf is loose and flexible again, accident risk decreases and drainage effect is repaired.



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Artificial Turf Cleaner

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