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d'Hooghe beachcleaners


Large Beach

The Beach Cleaner Mega confirms its professional nature and is capable of all kinds of cleaning. Efficient cleaning of large beaches.

One of the most eye-catching new beach cleaners. An awesome new model that stands out in comparison to other models. Designed for professionals, it boasts a huge capacity and technical performance improvements and quality. The Mega is capable of all kinds of cleaning.

Everything you need can be put away in the integrated storage area which is equipped with gas pressure compensation for opening the lid and the tool box. Side protection panels can be locked, equipped with gas pressure compensation, with a maximum opening, enabling a comfortable entrance to all necessary adjustments in order to perfectly adapt the configuration.



d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

Very large collection hopper which has a volume of 3.5m3. The cleaned sand is perfectly finished by a hydraulic rubber leveling plate.

d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

The life span is extended by an automatic stretching system which creates a constant pressure on the sieve belt.

d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

Optimal cleaning in depth of the swash mark without limitation of driving speed.

d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

Unloading height of 2.75m.

d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

Four turning rubber shafts and a unique sieve surface of more than 8m2 quicken the sieve capacity.

d'hooghe beachcleaners - Mega

Screening belts in different available sizes.

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