d'Hooghe Beach


Premium beach cleaning equipment for wet or dry sand and all kinds of debris.

The Beach Cleaners Machine is designed and manufactured by d’hooghe of Belgium. AgriTotal imports d’hooghe beach cleaners to New Zealand, please contact us for sales or to discuss your options with a d'hooghe specialist.

Since 1957, d’hooghe has been the leader in the construction agricultural machine. The last agricultural machine was manufactured twenty years ago, but d’hooghe still performs repairs and maintenance on all 650 machines still operating today. In a changing business environment, d’hooghe saw the opportunity and a growing demand in the environmental industry and the need for clean beaches.


d’hooghe started designing and manufacturing some of the finest beach cleanings machine in the world twenty years ago. Today, d’hooghe manufactures and sells over 250 Beach Cleaners Machines worldwide every year.

With more than twenty years of experience in beach cleaning machines and state of the art technology in its field, d’hooghe has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of beach cleaning machines in the world.

d’hooghe has become the leader in its industry for high quality beach cleaning machines with low maintenance costs, easy maintenance design, high performing capacity, and using the latest technology. They have the ability to work in wet or dry sand, and any reasonable weather condition.

Beach Cleaner Machines are versatile. They're capable of cleaning beaches of a variety of waste products including: cigarettes, stones (maximum weight: 13kg or 28.7lbs.), wood, coco nuts, seaweed, fishing nets, ropes and chains, papers, aluminum cans, Glass and plastic bottles, Plastic bags, charcoal, oil and paraffin, jelly fish and other dead wildlife (birds, fish, shells, etc.), condoms and needles, clothes, among other things.

Mobile and precise

The Beachcleaner Junior is ideal for small beaches. Easily maneuverable for cleaning around objects like sunshades, beach cabins, lakes, etc.

Cost-effective beach maintenance

The Supra Maxum cleans both dry and wet sand. Smaller investments that make it possible to keep beaches flawlessly clean by machine.

Supra Maxum’s big sister

With Supra Maxum XL no changes were made to the design, except for the compact measurements. Outstanding performance when combined with a small tractor.

A strong Belgian Draft horse

Beach Cleaner Matador is designed for professionals. Huge capacity, latest technology, superior quality and user-friendly. 

Large Beach

The Beach Cleaner Mega for professional use, capable of cleaning a variety of debris. Efficient cleaning of large beaches.

Specialized for removing large objects

The Beach Cleaner WDH for efficient cleaning during the winter time. This will make the start into summer season much easier.