800kg Concrete Weight

A competitively priced 800kg concrete weight of excellent quality. The modern design ensures that obstruction to the tractor’s lighting is minimal. The weight can be moved easily using the recesses designed for the forks of a forklift truck.

  • Available in 800kg

  • Modern design

  • Includes recesses for the forks of a forklift truck for easy moving.

  • Including Cat3 ball - Cat2 hole.

  • Including top rod pin and retaining clip.

  • Comes in black with Zuidberg logo as standard.

Front Weights

Steel and concrete weights with a modern and compact design.

Your FrontLine linkage can be used as a weight carrier enabling you to carry more and improve traction. Weight blocks are easy to remove when not in use.


Luidberg has a selection of weight blocks to fit your tractor with options in style and function. Concrete and steel composite blocks, concrete only and steel only solutions.

The front weights have a modern, compact design crafted to minimise obstruction of the tractor's standard lighting. The front weights are available in Agco grey, Claas grey, John Deere green and black.

Override protection 1000 & 1600 (incl. front weight)

Override protection improves visibility of the tractor, and can limit damage when involved in a crash. Every one of us can play a part in improving agricultural traffic safety by reducing the number of road accidents. Not only by driving more carefully ourselves, but also, by making our machines and vehicles less dangerous.

  • Width: 2150 to 3000 mm

  • Weight 1000: 985 kg. (incl. 850 kg. basic weight)

  • Weight 1600: 1540 kg. (incl. 1400 kg. basic weight)

  • Adjustable side deflectors and over-center reversing protection

  • Built-in tow bar as standard

  • Legally required width reflective markings

  • Personalize with your logo (supplied)

  • Colour: black (other colors available on request)

- LED-marker lights
- Bumper pillars

Steel Block Weights


Luidberg steel block weights come in 850kg and 1400kg options. They are a modern and compact design. Width is Cat2. The sophisticated design means minimal interference occurs to the standard lights of the tractor.

Includes: top link pin, clip, balls Cat3 - hole Cat2, towing hook, and equipped with

Zuidberg logo.


Available in: Agco-grey, Claas-grey, John Deere-green, black.

Modular Steel Weights

The modular weights are available from 600kg to 2850 kg. You can use various add-on modules to adjust the weight distribution of your tractor and equipment to suit activities and conditions. Available in combinations of steel weights and modules.


  • Modern and compact design

  • Width category 2

  • Cat3 balls - Cat2 hole

  • Top rod pin and retaining clip

  • Zuidberg logo as standard

Available in: Agco grey, Claas grey, John Deere green, black

Basic weight 600 kg

  • 1000 kg combined weight (600 kg + 400 kg)

  • 1200 kg combined weight (600 kg + 600 kg)

Basic weight 800 kg

  • 1200 kg combined weight (800 kg + 400 kg)

  • 1400 kg combined weight (800 kg + 600 kg)


Basic weight 1450 kg

  • 1850 kg combined weight (1450 kg + 400 kg)

  • 2050 kg combined weight (1450 kg + 600 kg)

  • 1250 kg combined weight (1450 kg + 800 kg)

  • 2450 kg combined weight (1450 kg + 600 kg + 400 kg)

  • 2850 kg combined weight (1450 kg + 600 kg + 800 kg)


Add-on modules

  • 400 kg, module A

  • 400 kg, module B

  • 600 kg, module A

  • 600 kg, module B

  • 800 kg, module B