AgriTotal are New Zealand's importer of Horger Maschinen Athletic Track Cleaners. Sports facilities equipped with synthetic coverings offer advantages including antislip surface, elasticity, water permeability, and therefore reduce accident risk. However, such surfaces will lose their effectiveness within a few years if they are not maintained due to penetration of dirt particles and alga forming.


Horger developed the athletic track cleaner for high pressure cleaning. It cleans and collects the dirty water in one process, and can be fitted to compact and narrow gauge tractors.

The athletic track cleaner consists of a cleaning unit which is attached to the front of the tractor, and a tank pump unit is fitted to the rear of the tractor. The rear tank is divided into a fresh water part and a dirty water part. The fresh water is sucked in by a high pressure pump, which is driven by a drive shaft, and carried via hoses to the front cleaning unit.


The water is effectively brought to the bottom by 4 nozzles that are fastened at two circling rotors. At the same time the front cleaning unit is set under vacuum and the water with the removed dirt is taken up through an injection pump into the rear tank. The dirty water can be emptied later through a tap.



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