vacuum SWEEPER S-Series CC

In a unique cooperation; Europe's leading airfield mowing specialist, Spearhead has joined forces with Europe's leading provider of collection systems, Trilo.

By combining the knowledge and technical expertise of these two leading brands, we are now able to offer a new concept in airfield grass maintenance, Cut and Collect. Cut and Collect allows the one-pass mowing and cleaning of an area six metres in width.

Following the introduction of larger commercial aircraft and the subsequent requirement to mow, clear and maintain a 12 metre wide strip either side of the runway, the Spearhead/Trilo Cut and Collect system is becoming increasingly important in achieving this.

  • Increased capacity

  • One-pass operation

  • Reduced oprating costs

  • Faster operation

  • Extremely manoeuvrable

The Cut and Collect system folds neatly to within 2.8metres for ease of transport to and from the airfield. The system allows an exemplary one-pass operation effectively cutting and clearing an area 6metres wide.

All debris, including any litter, is removed from the airfield leaving the area clear of attractants for birds and wildlife. High speed brushes in combination with a high pressure suction system effectively clear cut grass and other debris.

The one-pass operation leaves a beautiful finish with the area cleared and manicured for inspection. The TRILO S Series provides the collecting action.


Featuring a six blade fan and a centrifugal pump combined with heavy duty brushes, the machine allows all materials to be safely removed from the surface leaving an attractive striped finish behind the mower.

Cut and Collect height can be adjusted between 20 and 150millimetres, perfect for low level cutting close to the runway or ‘bottoming out’ operations defined by European regulations throughout the wider airfield. 

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