blower - model bl960

The TRILO BL960 is our most powerful blower. This blowing giant is suitable for tractors from 45 HP (33 kW) and is equipped with a Ø 960 mm fan in a TRILO centrifugal pump with a fan belt.


This blower is driven by a Walterscheid PTO shaft and can optionally be equipped with a 180 degree reversible spout which can be hydraulically operated from the driver’s seat.


By setting the spout downward, the blower will clean both sides of the road simultaneously. The large gauge wheels and anti-scalp roller ensure the blower follows the contours of the soil perfectly and prevent damage to the spout and turf.


BL960 Blower_5
BL960 Blower_4
BL960 Blower_3
BL960 Blower_2

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