blower - model bl400

The BL400 is a unique leaf blower, because it can be mounted both on the front or the back of the towing vehicle. This makes this blower not only suitable for tractors, but it can also be used on mowers, hydraulic vehicles etc.


The gauge wheels and anti-scalp roller ensure the blower follows the contours of the soil perfectly and, together with the sturdy brace, prevents damage to the spout and turf.


The BL400 is suitable for tractors (PTO versions) from 25 HP (18 kW) and can be used with RPM`s ranging from 540 to 2500. Most versions are equipped with a Walterscheid PTO shaft with overrun clutch, which drives a Ø 400 mm fan in a TRILO centrifugal pump.


The optional 180 degree reversible spout can be hydraulically or electrically adjusted from the driver’s seat. The BL400 has a low noise level which makes it a perfect leaf blower for populated areas, such as golf courses or urban areas.



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