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T4000 SUPER STEER (Cat II couplers)


o Linkage 16 T4020-4030-4040-4050 super steer after serialnumber Z8JA13079 **
o PTO T4020-4030-4040-4050 super steer *
o Weight carrier T4000 supersteer
o Front double acting service lines T4000 supersteer series
o Chain support set, for cross-bar version, Universal
* Plus deposit frontaxle carrier NH T4000 supersteer (price net)
** possible wheel result restriction at certain tyre sizes

यदि रुचि हो तो हमसे यहां संपर्क करें:

​टेलीफोन। +64 3 208 8059

सेल. 027 711 7270

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