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Tractor Attachments

The Maredo® Tractor Attachments (MTools) is a new line of head specialist attachments to fit behind a tractor for maintaining larger turf areas.

The Maredo® Tractor Attachments (MTools) is a new line. As Maredo calls itself “The HEAD Specialist”, we didn’t have cassettes available that fits behind a tractor for maintaining the larger turf areas. The MTools are taking care of that now.

MFrame 319 to Connect Heads to the Tractor

The MTools are heavy duty heads developed for a (compact)tractor. To connect them to the 3 point of the tractor, we need a frame. So we developed first the MFrame 319 to connect the heads to the tractor, which can hold 3 MT heads. This MFrame has a full mechanical drive line for the 3 heads and flexible connection points to connect the MT heads.

The overall working width of the MFrame with 3 MT heads attached is 1900 mm = 76”. The mechanical drive line consists of PTO shafts and gearboxes, which altogether is a very reliable drive line that cannot slip or leak. The MFrame fits 20-45 HP (compact)tractors, which have a 3-point CAT 1 connection and a 540 PTO. The weight of the MFrame 319 is 130 kg. Add the weight of the 3 MT heads for calculating the total weight.

It is possible to make wide turns with the MFrame. The MFrame + MTools are ideal for fairways, sportfields, parks etc.

A wide verticut machine behind the tractor.

A spiker aerator behind the tractor.