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MT200 Flex-Verticutter

When 3 x MT200 Flex-Verticutter heads are mounted at the MFrame 319, we get a verticut machine behind the tractor. All heads are mechanically driven and can follow the undulations individually. We can even make curves. The machine can be used for a shallow cut (verticut) or a deeper cut (scarifying).


The MT200 Flex-Verticutter head for Behind the Tractor is a heavy duty head with the following specifications:

  • Easy depth adjustment by hand (no tools required).

  • At the front side a support roller, at the rear support wheels.

  • Standard we have mounted carbide tipped 2 mm thick cutting blades.

  • The standard disk spacing is 30 mm.

  • The blades counter rotate against driving direction. This works more effective as the material is not dragged down into the slit but get’s lifted out by the blades.

  • The blade rotation direction can be changed by turning over the gearboxes.

  • The heads are driven by maintenance free drive chains positioned on the side of each head.

  • The MT200 is a maintenance friendly machine. Maintenance includes; a once a year oil change of the gearboxes, greasing all ten lubrication points and cleaning with compressed air after each use.

  • Working depth 0-25 mm 0- 1”.

  • The weight is 55 kg = 110 lbs per head.



MT 200

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