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GT300 VibeShoe-Roller

Your triplex greensmower is turned into a new type “roller” that smoothens your green.


The Maredo® GT300 VibeShoe-Roller for Increasing Green Speed fits your triplex greensmower and turns it into a new type “roller” that smoothens your green.

Green speed is an important issue. Not always a high stimp value is required, more often a consistent stimp on all greens is what is asked for. Rolling is seen as the best answer for increasing you stimp value and consistency, however some question if that is true as a roller has a tendency to push things forward. Just think about a puddle. If you go through a puddle, all water is pushed forward. The same will happen with the edge of a ball mark. It is all pushed in one direction.

The Maredo GT300 VibeShoe-Roller for Increasing Green Speed pushes vertically down with its shoes. We can set how much we want to push (as we know that we create more compaction at the moment we smoothen our surface by e.g. rolling).

The GT300 uses 6 rounded shoes that “walk” over the green. By pushing down on the turf, they smoothen the whole surface, increasing the consistency and the stimp value. At maximum machine settings, an increase of 25- 30% of the stimp value is possible in one pass.


Another application is “brushing or pushing in” the topdress. Just set the height so that the vibrating plates so that they just touch the topdress. Doing it like this will safe the turf from getting stressed, while the topdress finds its way through the turf.




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