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GT250 CountRo-Sweeper

The heads turn your greensmower into an effective collecting brush.

The Maredo GT250 CountRo-Sweeper fits your triplex greensmower and turns it into a very effective collecting brush or a brush that brushes the topdress into the turf and aeration holes.

There are more brushes on the market now-a-days, that fits a triplex greensmower. They run at high speed forward. The Maredo GT250 CountRo-Sweeper is the only one that counter rotates at a lower speed. This is achieved by using a very special gearbox, that turned our greensmower sweeper into the most effective collecting brush. And being so effective means that it easily picks up all kinds of items like tree needle, leaves, redundant topdress, cores, worm piles etc. etc. It is also used to brush off the dew of the green.

The other nice application is brushing in the topdress sand. Again, because the brush counter rotates, the topdress is pick up very effectively, smashed against a deflector plate which guides the topdress straight into turf and aeration holes.
Some customers are using the heads to brush up dense turf and because the brush counter rotates, they state that the GT250 works very effectively in thinning their turf.

It comes standard with its own stainless steel collecting box (as the triplex ones does not match) and a topdress deflector plate.




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