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GT230 HiSpeed-Corer

Your greensmower is turned into a special coring machine, which removes your thatch in another way.

The Maredo GT230 HiSpeed-Corer for Removing the Thatch fits your triplex greensmower and turns it into a very special coring machine, which removes your thatch in another way.

For years we removed thatch with a verticutter. A verticutter is basically a rotary mower on the side. And did you know that the tip speed of a greensmower verticutter is about 4-5 x less than a regular rotary mower? Any idea how the thatch is cut? There is no cutting, we just pull the thatch out. And that hurts the turf. We see that next day. Look at the brown edges alongside the verticut slits. It takes time for the grass to recover. During this period, the grass is very vulnerable and needs more water, fertilizer, otherwise it may get sick. It simply isn’t the right way to remover thatch.

That is the bad part. The good part is that there is a new, much better way to remove your thatch. USE THE MAREDO GT230 HISPEED-CORER for Removing the Thatch. It pulls out the thatch with small hollow tines, that make a real cut. You don’t see a brown edge next day along the hole edge. Even better, the holes are gone in 2-3 days (while the verticut slits stay there for 2-3 weeks). It goes as fast as mowing. 4 million holes per hour are punched with your triplex greensmower up to 25 mm./ 1” deep. Deeper than what can be achieved with a verticutter on a triplex. And because it is fast, quick healing and not hurting your turf, you can do it every 4-5 weeks. And the holes are great for your dusting, fertilizer and irrigation water too.

It comes standard with 11 mm =0.430” outside diameter hollow tines. Cross, needle, solid and smaller hollows are available as an option too. An indispensable tool for everybody that wants to maintain his greens in a more sustainable way!



1416 GT 230 met 2500B Korea

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