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GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer

These heads turn your greensmower into a slicer, that cuts your turf in a clean way.


The Maredo® GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer for Cutting the Turf fits your triplex greensmower and turns it into a slicer, that cuts your turf, roots and grass runners in a clean way.

There are many slicers on the market now-a-days. The majority uses weight to cut through the tough (thatch) layer. But we all know how hard that is. And the reason is easy. No cutting movement, only pushing and rolling. It is like a sharp knife that we push through the bread, instead of moving the knife forward- backward.


Pushing damages the bread and doesn’t leave a nice cut behind. That is exactly the same what happens when we use a standard rolling slicer disk on a thatch layer. The Maredo GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer for Cutting the Turf uses vibration to create a forward- backward cutting action on the slicer blade. Due to this action, the slicer blade cuts a perfect slit, without the top turf layer being pushed down (leaving an uneven surface).

The maximum working depth is 35 mm = 1-1/2” and this can be adjusted over the front roller. The slit distance is 42 mm =1.65”. The slicer blade thickness is 0.8 mm = 0.030” and they are made from hardened stainless springsteel. Because the blades can easily be damaged while stored on a concrete floor, we deliver trolleys as well. These trolleys make life so easy. Basically you never have to pick up the heads by hand. They are either on the machine or on the trolley.




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