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GT190 Fraze-Groomer

The Maredo GT190 Fraze-Groomer, pulls out the POA plant, using a very special technology.

Around the main drive shaft, special thin cutting blades are mounted, not square, but at an slight angle. The main shaft is driven via a gearbox, that turns the rotation in the opposite direction and that reduces the revs. As a result, each individual blade tip cuts a short slit by its own.

The next blade tip on the row cuts a slit just aside the previous one. So over the full width of the machine we have many short slits (side to side distance 3,8 mm = 0.150”), created by the individual tips of the counter rotating blades. If a shallow rooted weed or POA was sitting in that area, it would have been pulled out. It is like using a fine rake.


The operation thins your turf in a random way, pulling out the material that is not well established yet. The working depth can be set at something like 2-6 mm = 0.08 – 0.24”. It is advisable not to go deeper, because if we go deeper we may get too much damage.


The cutting blade thickness is 0.8 mm = 0.03”. A stainless steel collecting box is standard incorporated. The GT190 Fraze-Groomer is also an ideal tool to thin and brush up dense turf. It works like a groomer, but much more intensive.


Normally you can work at mowing speed. The slower you go, the more intensive the meshed pattern. See the video below and find out how it works.




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