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Veticutter GT180

Verticutter Maredo GT180 CountRo-Verticutter

Scarifying machine CountRo-Verticutter Maredo, model GT180. A set of three Maredo GT180 scarifying units is suitable for the most common 3-piece greensmowers, including Toro, Jacobsen and John Deere.

Technical specifications

  • 1.2 mm thick carbide blades available

  • Capacity: 18 holes in 4-6/hour

  • Leaf thickness 0.9 mm

  • Blade spacing 20 mm

  • Working depth 0-15 mm

  • Weight 40 kg


  • Quick change

  • Standard with plastic collection trays and trolleys

  • Unique operation; the blades rotate against the direction of travel

  • Low ground pressure on the green

  • Easy to work with

  • Working depth adjustment by means of quick adjusters

  • Fits standard on Toro, Jacobsen and John Deere three-piece green mowers

A specific mounting kit is used for each make and model to mount the CountRo-Verticutter GT180 verticutter. Unique attachment for greens mowers. Counter-rotating so removes more material. Support roller front and rear. The two built-in brushes clean the entire surface width. Operates at mow speed. Follows the curves perfectly. Low ground pressure on the green. Simple to work with, like mowing. Quick change of attachments. Working depth adjustment by means of quick adjusters. The scarifier is supplied as standard with a collection tray and trolleys. Perfectly suited for E-drives due to gear reduction.

Aerator GT190

Aerator Maredo GT190 Fraze-Groomer

Aerator GT190 Fraze-Groomer. A set of three Maredo GT190 Fraze-Groomers is suitable for most common 3-piece greensmowers, including Toro, Jacobsen and John Deere. A specific mounting kit is used for each make and model to mount the GT190 Fraze-Groomer. Equipped with a very unique technology. Groomers or light scarifiers are ideal tools for keeping horizontal grass, growth and thatch under control. Common greens groomers and scarifiers can leave visible lines in the green that affect the roll of the ball. The blades of the GT190 Fraze-Groomer are set at a slight angle to the main axis. This causes the blade tips to make short, interrupted cuts. In the image that the GT190 leaves behind, the cuts are barely visible. This while just as much material is removed from the turf as by a scarifier. As soon as a shallow-rooted weed or POA plant is in the area to be treated, it is loosened in this way and thrown into the pre-assembled collector.

Technical specifications

  • Unique groomer; the blades rotate against the direction of travel

  • The blades are mounted at an angle to the main shaft. As a result, the GT190 produces no visible lines but short slots

  • Integrated brushes ensure a clean result


  • Support roller front and rear

  • Equipped with transport trolleys

  • Standard with plastic collection tray

  • Leaf thickness 0.9 mm

  • Blade spacing 20 mm

  • Working depth maximum 5 mm

  • Weight 40 kg

A second unique feature of the GT190 Fraze-Groomer is that the main shaft rotates against the direction of travel. Thanks to a compact gearbox, the blades 'lift' the unwanted material out of the green instead of cutting through and 'pulling' into the slot in a normal direction of rotation. This is in contrast to a 'regular' scarifier that will cut the plant in half and work it further into the turf. The brush mounted between the blades also ensures that the seed heads of the POA plant will be thrown into the tray. The total operation is comparable to a treatment with a fine rake; it thins the turf by pulling out the unwanted material that is not (yet) properly rooted.

The working depth can be set to approximately 2 – 5 mm. With the quick adjusters, the working depth of the GT190 Fraze-Groomer is easy to adjust to a maximum depth of 5 mm. It is advisable not to go deeper, because serious damage can be done to the turf. The thickness of the blade is 0.9 mm. A stainless steel collection tray is supplied as standard. The GT190 is an ideal tool for aerating and thinning out too compact turf. It is possible to work at mowing speed with the GT190. However, the slower you drive, the more intensive the mesh pattern.

Aerator Maredo GT210 VibeSpiker-Aerator

Aerator GT210 VibeSpiker-Aerator. A set of Maredo GT210 VibeSpiker-Aerator / spike aerator turns your greensmower into a spike aerator and allows you to use your greensmower more versatile. By means of a special and unique technique, the holes are made in the bottom without having to use a lot of weight.

Technical specifications

  • Equipped with trolleys as standard

  • Spike thickness 3mm

  • Hole distance 42 mm

  • Number of holes 700/m²

  • Working depth max. 35 mm

  • Weight 54 kg


  • Operates at mow speed

  • Thanks to the vibration, the machine can reach the maximum working depth of 35 mm without much weight

  • The vibrating spikes will also loosen the compacted top layer

  • Working depth can be adjusted by adjusting the front roller

  • Minimal influence on the ball roll

  • Quick way to loosen the top layer of your greens and tees

What can sometimes be difficult with the 'ordinary' spike aerators is the fact that a lot of weight has to be used to push the spikes into the soil and the holes produced do not look good. This is always a problem for small machines because weight does not benefit a small machine. To solve this problem, Maredo developed an innovative technique that uses vibrations to drive the spikes into the ground without needing much weight. The six independent spike sections are mounted on a camshaft. As soon as this shaft is driven, the rolling spikes begin to vibrate. These vibrations help the spikes get into the ground. When the spikes are fully pushed into the soil, the vibrating spikes loosen the soil. Loosening the soil is important for reducing soil compaction and achieving healthy grass growth. It is possible to use the aerator GT210 at mowing speed, after which you can immediately play on the greens again. No disruption to players!

Aerator GT210

Aerator Maredo GT230 HiSpeed-Corer

Aerator GT230 HiSpeed ​​Corer. A set of three Maredo GT230 HiSpeed-Corer units fits most common brands and types of greensmowers and turns into very unique coring machines that remove thatch in a very efficient way with minimal damage to the turf. This makes the use of your greensmower much more versatile and results in considerable cost savings. The English 'coren' means; pricking a plug out of the turf by using a hollow pin.

Felt control on greens can be a stressful operation. Removing felt is usually an operation that takes a lot of time and patience. Often there is no time at all to fight thatch! It is a major operation for the grass on the greens and a green sometimes needs weeks to recover. For years, felt was removed with a scarifying machine. A scarifier is basically a rotary mower on its side, however a scarifier has a circumferential speed that is five times lower than that of a rotary mower.

Technical specifications

  • Supplied as standard with hollow pins with a diameter of 11 mm outside and 7 mm inside

  • Tine size ID7 mm

  • Distance between pins 42 mm

  • Maximum adjustable working depth 25 mm

  • Number of holes depending on driving speed 600-1400m²

  • Weight 46 kg


  • The new way to remove felt

  • Produces approximately 4 million holes per hour

  • When driving at mowing speed, a square hole pattern is created

  • 18 Greens can be processed in 4-5 hours

  • Equipped with trolleys as standard

  • Star, needle, fixed and smaller hollow pins are also available and are easy to change