Sugar & Fodder Beet Harvester

Vervaet’s Beet Eater 617 is the most economical machine on the market. The concept has been tested and proved for years, offering simplicity in operation yet also meeting the highest demands for quality, comfort and capacity.

The tank capacity is 17 tonnes, and at that size, it’s perfect for majority of tipping trailers on the market today.

The four-wheel steering provides good agility, and we believe has a lower operating cost per hectare than any other brand of tank harvester available.

Buying A Vervaet Factory Rebuild

The overhaul process is carried out thoroughly at the Vervaet factory in The Netherlands before being sold. At the factory they check, replace and refurbish all wearing parts from front to back. All major components are guaranteed ready to meet the demands of the next beet season, giving the customer confidence going into the field.

The rebuild process

Used machines are steam cleaned on arrival before entering the workshops. Once cleaned they are driven into the factory workshop where they are thoroughly inspected by technical teams under the supervision of Service Managers. An appraisal is completed identifying all work to be carried out. If any parts are required for the overhaul, they are ordered straight away. Once the rebuild has been completed, the harvester is tested and carefully monitored for a 5hr process. It is also road tested and tweaked if necessary, to ensure it is running beautifully. The harvester is cleaned, guarded and valeted before delivery.


Have you ever considered buying a pre-loved machine?

Agritotal supply refurbished Vervaet machines directly from the factory in the Netherlands. All of the second-hand 617 Beet Eater - Harvester machines return to the factory, are stripped completely, cleaned, repaired if needed, and reassembled and tested before being sold as a refurbished unit.

If the cost of a new machine is beyond your budget, this could be a great option.

Talk to us about buying a refurbished machine today.



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